Monday, 11 September 2017


Name: Joanna
Age: 9
Best known for: I am best doing collages on the ipad on a app called pic collage because I can  select pictures  on the internet.
Influences: Because it tells  what  type of person I am.
Purpose of artwork:to know who you are.
Creation of artwork: I put the piece and put them in the right place and spotIMG_0112.JPGPIXECT-20170912140136.jpg

Sunday, 3 September 2017

fairy tale writing

Beauty and the mean ugly beast!

Once upon a time there was a girl called Bella. She was a nice girl. One day Bella’s father went out to have a walk in the forest. Then Bella’s father saw a castle and went in and saw talking tea cups. Her father went up the stairs and in the room and Bella’s father finally saw a  beast. The next day Bella asked her horse and said “Do you no where my father is?”.  Bella started to worry where her about where her father was. So Bella and her horse went through the forest and they saw a huge castle. Bella went in the castle and see if her father is in there. Then she went up the stairs and she saw her father with a beast.  Her father was in the jail.

Monday, 24 July 2017

going to the movie pome

Going  to the movie

Look at that wonderful thunder full movie
It perfect for a winter season
The fantastic heat makes
My feet meet that I want to
eat. Get some popcorn and snap it
In your feet be fluffy as a sleep and you Image result for minions 3

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Written speech about Why Gymnastics is the best exercise?

Why Gymnastics is the Best Exercise?
Ugh! I hate doing boring cross country for exercise. It’s exhausting and irritating. There must be a better way to get fit.
Ah, ha……. I have a great idea. How about gymnastics? But is gymnastics a good exercise ?

Gymnastics involves balance and flexibility, so why Is balance and flexibility important? Balance is very important for old people to prevent falls, because when we get older , we gradually lose balance.  Gymnastics requires physical strength, flexibility, power, balance and control. Good balance and strength can reduce the risk of falling.   Good muscle flexibility helps people recover from injuries. Some people may argue that gymnastics is not important.  However, they are wrong, Gymnastics can make you healthy and keep your body fit. The more you practise, the more flexible you are.

Gymnastics makes you confident and if you keep doing gymnastics , you might have minor injuries while you are learning,, but you will develop more stamina and become more confident. When you have to do a cartwheel on a beam, it won’t be that frightening. It will be as easy as swatting a fly. Ok, maybe swatting a fly isn’t that easy but you get what i mean. You have to remember that gymnastics isn’t the only sport that hurts!

You may wonder if gymnastics is enjoyable. Yes, in fact gymnastics is very enjoyable because there is so much to learn and discover!  You can do warm ups and play games., with your team-mates. Also fitness is  very enjoyable because you might do some  relays .This means you have to do handstands all the way to the end and back . The quickest  group wins. There are also wonderful activities like front rolls, handstands, back flips., high knee kicks, and cartwheels. Handstands are my favourite activity.
You might a;so get stickers and  awards for being the player of the day.
Gymnastics can build muscles for men and give grace and beautiful posture to women. Also floor gymnasts can also develop their dance skills. Lastly you might get a medal for being a good gymnast or if you did really well in the zones.  Top level gymnasts can even be selected for the Olympic games

Overall I definitely think that gymnastics is the best exercise .Why don’t you give it a go?

Speech about Why Gymnastics is the best exercise?