Thursday, 10 May 2018

Description of a person

I have done well by having good sentence staters
I use punctuation   well  in my writing

Tuesday, 10 April 2018



ANZAC DAY letter

WALT: Write content relevant to the task.

Dear Mom & Sobia

The war as continues to test my bravery and courage.Sleeping in the
trenches I felt so stressed out and tired. It makes me  have decisions.
We need to face the enemies in No man’s land. I think that I am not
going to last that long.
Sleeping in the muddy trenches has made my foot infected because
I don’t change my socks that often and my shoe is too tight and it is
called a trench foot that is going to spread.
I don’t eat my lunch often like you guys.I eat hard biscuits
and corned beef.  When I eat it I always think of you and the taste
of what you cook for me.

I feel very proud of myself.When I sleep at night I can dream everything
you have done for me I can also hear bats flying all over the place.
We fight them at night we sleep for a few hours and fight so they can’t
see me that properly.
I feel protective because I know you are going to protetic me and be
in my heart. I wish I can see you again.
The war is nearly over and I miss you guys I will come back when
the war is over and as  soon as possible.Take care of the family until I
come back.I am going to let everyone to be proud of us and
I am giving my all for my country.

Love from Joanna

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Maruiwa Trip!

Hurry Hurry we are  running late for the Maruiwa trip  I am so excited .
On Wednesday 21st of March all the year 6 students, teacher
and parent helpers  went to Maruiwa beach first we got put into group I was with my Mum group we also were put in bus buddy  I was with Sobia then we meet up with the year 6s. We had to wait for the bus to arrive. We waited for a few minutes and got  originated our classroom 21 get to go first when we got out of the gate everyone was screaming loud like a tsunami is coming. They so exited the we are going on a double deck bus yes! Me and Sobia sat at the best spot everyone was  gosping so loud that my ears are going to exploded Ah Ah!A few minutes later no one notice that there is going to a tunnel I was the only one who noticed it. Suddenly we went threw the tunnel everyone so was consistently delighted because of the tunnel. Half a hour is gone and we are very close to Muriwai just 2 minutes left.I was playing hand games with Sobia and we arrived yeah. The first thing we did is got of the bus bye next we went in the room that tell us all about safety of Muriwai that why we are coming to Muriwai.The lifegrades first introduces them. After that they told us what we are doing for the day. After that we are doing a skit about safety and other people had to guess what it is I was with Joanna,Sobia,Aadi,Tanskia,Michsa,Alina,Naomi,Rachita,Alisha and Rashna. Our skit was make sure a audutal is always looking at you.We practiced it and we went and ate morning tea.After morning tea we showed our skits and talked about it. The lifeguards told us a lot of information.We talked a lot and It is lunch and we need to get changed then we go to the beach yeah!!!!! My foot were as  hot as the hot melting lava is on my foot so I had to run so fast but when we were at the beach part at the front it was better. The lifeguard put in group like room 6 by there selfs with a lifeguard room 21 and 4 were together and last room 3.We had free time the parent and teacher went in the waves and we had to tag there hand and come back when i went in the water I can hear big crashing waves all over me when a big humongous wave is coming everyone screams and run back exped the teachers and parents.Some of the year 6s fell in the water. We switch to the next rotation and we need to tag Mr Tomokion and the waves were big again what I can hear is just shouting across my ears Mr Tomokion was so deep that no one tagged him.The salt sea water splashed into my mouth with that crunch noise. The humongous salt water waves went up to my eyes that my eyes feel like lava is in my eyes. We moved to our last station and we had to go in buddys we had some safety things that we put around our panthers waste and pull them.The person who is holding the safety guard stay and the other go when far our panther came save us then swap when my turn save Gabby the blowed 3 times with the whistle that mean there is a rip  or something dangerous so everyone ran back and got changed the bad prat was that the black was so hot again like foot is baked. We got to the place were we change before we do that we washed our foots.Then we finally got changed it crowded and dirty changed by the sand. Everyone got changed and we had to say Goodbye we had a good over there and learned a lot and we on the and went back to school!!
GOOD BYE!!!              


Wednesday, 28 March 2018



Ella is a dirty and clean person she changes about 1 year dirty and 1 year clean when Ella is dirty she never brushes her teeth or wash her hair too.
Also Ella eat a lot of food and her breath is gross her grimy rotten  clothes makes everyone run away.
Her sharp teeth can bit a porks bone.
Ella is very fat that is is as slow as a turtle.
When Ella is clean she always brush her teeth and have a shower
also when goes outside she always want to look good but not when
she is dirty.When she goes out no one runs away from her and some
people even talk to her.

Hurry Hurry up Evelyn called Jackson we need to go to
the rocket station so we can ask if we can go to see galaxy but first
we need to go to the shops and to buy things. They finished shopping
they Quickly went to the station and went  to buy the tickets.
When they were buying the ticket Jackson steered at a girl with  sharp
teeth I think she can bit a porks bone.
She is fat,never washes her hair because I can see mud on it her skin is
like puddle of mud soaked on her skin.
When Evelyn finished the tickets they went to wear the suit.
Then they went on the rocket.Jackson was thinking if that girl is
going with us but hopefully not. They went in
and Jackson can’t believe his eyes the lady in toooooo!!!!!!!
JACKSON  did not expected that.The rocket is about to go up
in 3 2 and 1 bulst of Evelyn was so excited she thinks it going to be
a good day.But she smelled a rotten egg with peanut that
is expired gross it smells mouldy.
Evelyn asked’ What is your name”.    
She said” My name is Ella you guys are?’.
We are Evelyn and Jackson nice to meet you.’
They were talk about themselves.Ella said she knows that she
changes but change back in 1 year so Ella told Evelyn why smells
Ella said I smell bad because I can only stay clean next year.
It is my body so yeah no one has talked to me but today my best day.’
It is 5 hours past they arrived at the galaxy Evelyn was dreaming
and Ella they could not believe their eyes they looked at it for
1 hour then they needed to go back while they are eating 5 hours later….
They arrived at the station and it was their best day!!!!!!